A short story on first impression that matters – “Don’t be a Dick”

This is a story about Jane and Dick.  Jane is a receptionist where Dick has just arrived for his interview. That makes Jane an all important God-like figure we call a “Gatekeeper” (not to be confused with a Promise Keeper, although she may be one of those too).  A Gatekeeper is a person like a receptionist, low level manager, secretary, etc. that although typically viewed as having little or no power, have great potential control over an interviewees life.  So our story begins. 

  • See Dick arrogantly walk into the office barking orders at Jane to let the interviewer he has arrived. 
  • See Jane smile and attempt small talk. 
  • See Dick ignore Jane and grab a magazine and a seat on the leather sofa. 
  • See Jane leave the reception area.
  • See Jane tell the interviewer about the  “Dick” she just met. 
  • See the interviewer smile while saying, ‘don’t worry, I’ll take care of this’. 
  • See Jane call Dick back to the Interviewers office. 
  • See Dick quickly exiting the interview as the position was “cancelled at the last minute”. 
  • See Dick leaving a broken man.
  • See Jane smiling. 
  • Don’t be a Dick – be courteous to everyone.

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