When Your Interview Came Straight Out of “Office Space”

Ahhhh, “Office Space”, the classic of all classic movies.  The one that each and every office dweller can relate to, and God knows we have all had our share of “TPS Reports” and “Ass Clown” bosses.  As I watched it again on TV this past weekend, I kept thinking, “what great damn movie!”.

Unfortunately, some of these “Ass Clown” bosses happen to be key interviewers in many organizations. I know, its incomphrehensible, but true, so better to just swallow your pride, bite the bullet and accept the fact that its true.

Assuming the interview goes well, before locking yourself into 30 years of TPS reports, I suggest finding out the following;

1) How many “Ass Clown” Degrees of Separation between your potential boss and yourself? If it is a direct reporting relationship, probably better to walk, however, if you have a “Buffer Boss” or Supervisor in between, it may be workable.

2) What is the “TPS Intensity”? Like all things in life, most things are measured on a intensity scale from bad to good, or little to a lot, etc.  If the bureacracy is minimal, it may be workable.

3) Get a second opinion, what do future co-workers say?

I’d love to hear your stories of “Ass Clown” bosses you have worked for.


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