Top 10 Interview Tips for 2010 – Why good interviewing is like good sex….

January 4, 2010

Let’s get 2010 started out right with my top 10 interview tips for 2010, why good interviewing is like good sex, Letterman style (the top 10 list that is, not familiar with his other preferences). Enjoy!

10. Good interviewing is like good sex, it is not the act itself that counts, what happens before and after are equally or even more important. Prepare for the interview and follow-up after the fact.

9.  Perception is everything, keep it positive.

8. Be confident, confidence can make up for a lack of natural talent and nature given advantages.

7. Start off with a little romance, compliment your interviewers, make some small talk, don’t jump right into the deed.

6. Be prepared, research the job, organization, and interviews in advance, this is your interview “protection”, so to speak.

5. Be on time, coming prematurly or late will leave a bad impression.

4. It’s all about expectations, know what outcome you want before you arrive.

3. Use sleep, diet, and exercise to keep your mind and body sharp, to ensure peak performance.

2. First impressions are critical, dress to impress, and take a shower first for goodness sake.

1.  Length doesn’t impress, quality does. Keep your answers focused and too the point, don’t blabber on.

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