When Your Interview Came Straight Out of “Office Space”

January 22, 2010

Ahhhh, “Office Space”, the classic of all classic movies.  The one that each and every office dweller can relate to, and God knows we have all had our share of “TPS Reports” and “Ass Clown” bosses.  As I watched it again on TV this past weekend, I kept thinking, “what great damn movie!”.

Unfortunately, some of these “Ass Clown” bosses happen to be key interviewers in many organizations. I know, its incomphrehensible, but true, so better to just swallow your pride, bite the bullet and accept the fact that its true.

Assuming the interview goes well, before locking yourself into 30 years of TPS reports, I suggest finding out the following;

1) How many “Ass Clown” Degrees of Separation between your potential boss and yourself? If it is a direct reporting relationship, probably better to walk, however, if you have a “Buffer Boss” or Supervisor in between, it may be workable.

2) What is the “TPS Intensity”? Like all things in life, most things are measured on a intensity scale from bad to good, or little to a lot, etc.  If the bureacracy is minimal, it may be workable.

3) Get a second opinion, what do future co-workers say?

I’d love to hear your stories of “Ass Clown” bosses you have worked for.


Setting Expectations Part Two – Everything is Possible

January 14, 2010

In an earlier post I stated that anything is possible depending upon;

1. How badly do I want it?

2. What is the price I have to pay?

3. Am I willing to pay that price?

Let’s quickly elaborate on these three points.

1. How badly do I want it?

Desire makes up for many things.  Desire makes up for talent, desire makes up for connections, desire makes up for experience.  Most people cruise through life with a dull glazed over boredom in their eyes, so guess what? This makes desire jump out and shine even more. The best part is, even if you do not initially feel the desire within, you can regain the fire by acting your desire.

2. What is the price I have to pay?

Anything can be had for a price, and I am not just talking money, but time, blood, sweat and tears. While lighting up your desire, really stop and think about the true price for what you want. For example, if you want to be a Fortune 100 CEO, it is possible, but comes with a large price of years of dedicated 80 hour work weeks and masterfull political manouvering.

3. Am I willing to pay that price?

This is make or break, am I willing to pay the price and commit to the end?

We will expand further in my next post. As always, check www.easy-interview-tips.com for more tips and tricks on mastering the art of the Interview.

A short story on first impression that matters – “Don’t be a Dick”

January 8, 2010

This is a story about Jane and Dick.  Jane is a receptionist where Dick has just arrived for his interview. That makes Jane an all important God-like figure we call a “Gatekeeper” (not to be confused with a Promise Keeper, although she may be one of those too).  A Gatekeeper is a person like a receptionist, low level manager, secretary, etc. that although typically viewed as having little or no power, have great potential control over an interviewees life.  So our story begins. 

  • See Dick arrogantly walk into the office barking orders at Jane to let the interviewer he has arrived. 
  • See Jane smile and attempt small talk. 
  • See Dick ignore Jane and grab a magazine and a seat on the leather sofa. 
  • See Jane leave the reception area.
  • See Jane tell the interviewer about the  “Dick” she just met. 
  • See the interviewer smile while saying, ‘don’t worry, I’ll take care of this’. 
  • See Jane call Dick back to the Interviewers office. 
  • See Dick quickly exiting the interview as the position was “cancelled at the last minute”. 
  • See Dick leaving a broken man.
  • See Jane smiling. 
  • Don’t be a Dick – be courteous to everyone.

Setting Expectations -have a ‘come to Jesus meeting’ with yourself

January 7, 2010

OK folks, lets get real here, I’m as optimistic as the next guy, but PLEASE, why does every new graduate think they are going to walk into their first job with a $100,ooo salary and everyone kissing thir butt???  Time to get off thaat river called D-E    N-I-L-E

Or is it? This confidence and dream killing crap is drilled into us from the time we pop out of the womb until we graduate and leave the nest and personally it is BS!!!

You can walk into that $100,000 job wih everyone kissing your butt, but first you have to answer three questions;

1. How badly do I want it?

2. What is the price I have to pay?

3. Am I willing to pay that price?

More in my next post…as always check my website for more tips at http://www.easy-interview-tips.com

Top 10 Interview Tips for 2010 – Why good interviewing is like good sex….

January 4, 2010

Let’s get 2010 started out right with my top 10 interview tips for 2010, why good interviewing is like good sex, Letterman style (the top 10 list that is, not familiar with his other preferences). Enjoy!

10. Good interviewing is like good sex, it is not the act itself that counts, what happens before and after are equally or even more important. Prepare for the interview and follow-up after the fact.

9.  Perception is everything, keep it positive.

8. Be confident, confidence can make up for a lack of natural talent and nature given advantages.

7. Start off with a little romance, compliment your interviewers, make some small talk, don’t jump right into the deed.

6. Be prepared, research the job, organization, and interviews in advance, this is your interview “protection”, so to speak.

5. Be on time, coming prematurly or late will leave a bad impression.

4. It’s all about expectations, know what outcome you want before you arrive.

3. Use sleep, diet, and exercise to keep your mind and body sharp, to ensure peak performance.

2. First impressions are critical, dress to impress, and take a shower first for goodness sake.

1.  Length doesn’t impress, quality does. Keep your answers focused and too the point, don’t blabber on.

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